Thursday, April 2, 2020

In-town Program General Guidelines


 •  All coaches, players and spectators should be along the SIDELINES during games, not at the endlines.

•  In the Junior and Senior Divisions, parents and spectators should be on one sideline, with coaches and players on the opposite sideline (see the map on the reverse side.)

•  Coaches, parents, and players should NOT be DIRECTING play or YELLING from the sidelines. Coaches should communicate with their players while the players are resting on the sidelines, not during the game/scrimmage.  This coaching from the sidelines is distracting to all on the playing field.

•  The REFEREE (or Coach acting as Referee) will control the field of play with the appropriate calls; assistant coaches and/or parents may help with the out of bounds, but the referee has the final say.

•  No SLIDE TACKLING;  if slide tackling occurs, it will result in a direct kick for the other team.

•  All players should receive EQUAL playing time;  Goalkeeping duties should be shared by at least FOUR players in one game.

•  FUN and GOOD SPORTSMANSHIP are the guiding principles of Hingham Youth Soccer.