Tuesday, June 2, 2020

Responsibilities and Expectations


  • To dress appropriately and smartly
  • To talk slowly and clearly
  • To be on time for practices and games
  • To plan practice sessions, and to plan for the game (pre-game instructions, substitute system)
  • To give players equal opportunity and equal time
  • To encourage and be positive in correcting faults
  • To have an adequate supply of balls and equipment
  • To know emergency procedures – ambulance telephone numbers, first aid
  • To welcome other coaches and parents
  • To be prepared to restrain, politely but firmly, overly enthusiastic parents
  • To be courteous to referees
  • To listen to the players
  • To organize the appointment of a team manager and help structure those responsibilities:
    • Team list with addresses and phone numbers
    • Cancellation procedure
    • Practice and game schedule
    • Club reporting systems
    • Registrations
  • To know the rules of the game and to pass that knowledge on to young players
  • To discuss player progress with parents
  • To be capable of working miracles on a regular basis!


  • To make sure the player arrives at practices and games on time
  • To ensure the player is properly equipped with shoes, stockings, shin guards, shorts and jersey, and, if required, sweats.  Note, socks/stockings are required to completely cover shin guards.  
  • To stay at practice and games whenever possible – and to support your player and the team
  • To help the coach wherever possible – perhaps assisting in practice, or participating – with the
  • coach's agreement
  • To inform coach and/or manager if player cannot attend practice or a game
  • To encourage your child and team, but not to insult or discourage the opposition
  • To be enthusiastic, yet not critical
  • To acknowledge the opposition’s good plays


  • To bring a ball to practice, if required
  • To keep soccer shoes clean
  • To perform up to potential – but by the player’s own standards, not those of the adults
  • To get to practice on time (explain to Mom and Dad)
  • To dress appropriately - always wear shin guards, covered by socks, and remove all jewelry

Note: all other rules and guidelines not specifically addressed herein shall be governed by rules of the game.

RIGHTS OF THE PLAYER: To have equal playing opportunity – and the chance to score a goal (preferably in the opposing end)!

To enjoy, without undue pressure from the coach or parents, the world’s most popular game.