Thursday, April 2, 2020

Registration for Fall 2019 / Spring 2020


*Registrations received after July 1st will be placed on a wait list and a $25 late fee will be charged. 

Requests for refunds (less a $25 admin fee) must be in writing to the HYS Registrar PRIOR to July 1st for Travel and August 1st for In-town.   No refunds issued after this date.

Please take a few moments to review your Sports Pilot account and update all information paying special attention to GRADE and JERSEY SIZE.  Also make sure that your contact information is up to date, i.e. phone numbers and emails. 

  • Download and print the HYS In-town Registration Document HERE 

  • Download and print the REVISED HYS Travel Registration Document HERE
  • Download and print the HYS High School Travel Registration Document HERE

Travel Player Evaluation Dates

Travel Player Evaluations

For player evaluations, Hingham Youth Soccer is using coaches from local club soccer programs, Galway Rovers FC and South Shore Select, in addition to the HYS Director of Coaching. These coaches will conduct evaluations of the current 4th and 5th (Grade 5/6) and 6th and 7th (Grade 7/8) grade soccer players who have registered to participate in Hingham Youth Soccer for the Fall 2019/Spring 2020 season.  Similar to last year, HYS will conduct a third night to the tryouts for callbacks to further evaluate players for the first and second teams.                                                                                                     


What are the age groupings for Grade 5/6 and Grade 7/8 travel divisions?

• Grade 5/6 age group = born after 1/1/07 (current 4th and 5th graders)

• Grade 7/8 age group = born after 1/1/05 (current 6th and 7th graders) 

What to wear and bring to evaluations?

1. Soccer cleats and shin guards are required for all players participating in evaluations. Shirts, shorts, and socks should not be club related. Bringing water is also highly recommended. Players do not need to bring a ball to tryouts.

2. Each player will be assigned a number when s/he checks in at the first session; this number should be pinned on the back of the player’s shirt at each session.

3. As per usual games and practices, players must remove earrings, necklaces, wristbands, and other accessories deemed a safety hazard.

4. Participation in tryouts by players with casts will be at the discretion of the HYS staff at check in. 

What are the coaches evaluating at the evaluations?

1. Fundamental soccer skills are evaluated in 1 vs 1, 2 vs 2, 4 vs 4 and 8 vs 8 formats.

2. The fundamental soccer skills evaluated include:

                        a. Technical skills (ball control, ball handling, offensive and defensive skills)

                        b. Tactical and spatial skills

                        c. Attitude and effort

3.  Goalkeepers.  There will be a separate goalkeeper evaluation for players interested in playing goalie.  Interested players should attend both the goalkeeper tryout session AND the field tryout sessions.  HYS is reviewing the guidelines on the amount of time a goalie can play in a single game for MTOC eligible teams.  The updated guidelines will be distributed prior to tryouts.

Who should go to evaluations?

1.      Every player should attend all sessions that are allocated to his/her age group so that s/he can be most fairly and accurately evaluated. This includes players that do not believe their abilities will get them placed on the first or second teams. Having an evaluation of all abilities will help HYS assemble the balanced teams.

2.      The age groups will be split alphabetically by last name for both evaluation sessions. Players should try to attend the designated session for their last name, but can switch sessions if necessary.

3.      Parents and coaches are welcome to stay for the sessions, but will not be allowed to be on the playing fields during the evaluation sessions.

4.      If any player cannot attend evaluations due to an injury, they must contact the Registrar prior to their allotted tryout dates/times. Placement decisions for injured players will be made by the Tryout Committee consisting of the President, Vice President, Travel Coordinator, Director of Coaching, and applicable Division Directors.

5.      For players that attend both sessions, the tryout score will be a cumulative score from both sessions. The evaluators will score the player for the first session and then adjust the players score based on their performance during the second session.

6.      Similar to last year, a third night of tryouts will take place to allow HYS to further evaluate players that may be placed on the first and second teams. Players whose scores from the first two nights potentially place them on one of these teams will be called back for the third night and evaluated by the HYS Director of Coaching as well as coaches from Galway and South Shore Select. The evaluations from these callbacks will be used by the Tryout Committee to finalize the teams. Note that more players will be called back than there are spots available on the top two teams, so some called back players will end up on the balanced teams. If a player cannot make the callbacks, he or she will not automatically be disqualified from placement on a top team.

7.      HYS will collect evaluations from players’ present coaches as additional information for creating the teams.

8.      HYS recognizes that some players, especially in the spring, give higher priority to other sports. For these players we ask that you consider not taking a place on the first or second team. Players who do not wish to be placed on the first or second team due to other sports should note this at evaluation check-in, but should still attend. Again, this will allow HYS to have an accurate assessment of the player’s ability when the balanced teams are assembled.

9.      Players who go to evaluations but decide not to play in HYS should notify HYS prior to July 1st   in order to receive a partial refund. There are no refunds for players who opt out of HYS after July 1st. HYS appreciates your cooperation in notifying the registrar in a timely manner; by doing so, you are enabling HYS to make the necessary roster adjustments, ensuring that each team has enough players for a successful fall and spring season. 

If you have any questions, please contact Hingham Youth Soccer, Inc. at   

Click for Full Evaluation Information Sheet  

Setting up your HYS SportsPilot profile

HYS registrants will need to create their own SportsPilot profile, with your own user ID and password; this one user ID and password will be used to register all HYS soccer participants in your household.  After you have clicked on the HYS Registration link, here are directions for setting up a SportsPilot profile.  Please be sure to UPDATE all information year to year i.e. grade/school/jersey size and any other information that may have changed.

*Please Fill in BOTH parent/guardians into the family profile*

  1. Add primary guardian for the account, set the login for the account, "add" button is to far right.
  2. *Add additional parent/guardian in household (HYS needs this information to have full contact information for the player in addition to the fact that you cannot volunteer to coach unless you are entered into the profile)
  3. Add the child(ren) to the profile
  4. Register the player(s)-Register tab is to the left of the player's name;  During the player registration process, parents who are able to coach or volunteer in some other way to should select the volunteer role (coach, assistant coach, other)